I have carried out all the following disciplines in the construction sector for several years :

-Rough construction.
-Interior construction.
-New constructions (expansion / roof structure etc.).
-Normal bulding construction like's:  walls, ceiling, floor en all details.
-Garden/terrace/patio/outdoor area.
-Reing of restoring walls, floors, ceilings, windows.
-Timmer work (windows, doors, window frames, hingest and locks, dormer windows, restoration of wood rot, etc.).
-Concrete, sand cement, wooden floors, parquet, laminate.
-Construction, new construction, refurbishment, maintenance and renovation (dwelling, businness premises, garages, storerooms, etc.).
-Bathroom, kitchen, toilet renovations.
-Specialized plastering work, painting and wallpaper work.
-All insulation work's.




Window frames



We also supply and replace plastic window frames and doors.

We work with major manufacturers of Poland and German we have attractive prices.We produce and assemble custom-made frames with HR ++ insulating glass, for private individuals, companies and VVEs, including aftercare and finishing.

Arthuro was founded on the basis of personal thought, and practical experience, that the installation of double glazing can be more customer-friendly and, above all, cheaper. customer's point of view. With the highest quality at an affordable price, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. The good price-quality ratio is due to our economical approach: we offer our services 20-30% cheaper than the usual market price because we work with a small and flexible team.  In addition, we have joined forces with an experienced Polish manufacturer. In addition, you save yourself!

With good insulating glass you save a lot on your energy bill. Often up to 30%! Insulating glass keeps heat inside, and cold, noise and burglars outside.Arthuro not only has an eye for your wallet but also for the climate: a well insulated house reduces CO2 emissions.

This shows that the installation of insulating glass is an investment that will be repaid in several ways in the future. Arthuro's service is not limited to glass. We gladly give a clear overview in the calculation of costs, give expert advice and think along with you about the functionality of the window frames.

To round the story, we also help with the necessary preparations and leave the workplace clean after installation.



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